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"You tell a great story....

Thank you!"

-Terry W. - Museum on Main Street 

"Betty Jewell Slater's one-woman plays are inspired while bringing history to life"

-Prentice M. - Dell Technologies

Betty Jewell Slater is an award-winning film producer, a director, a speaker, author, and actor who helps organizations convey their message in an entertaining and educational way, using monologues of historic women, so that their audience will be galvanized to take action. 

The sage voices of Harriet Tubman, Mrs. Rosa Parks, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Bessie Coleman and Mary; Mother of Jesus are your choices for a new approach to public speaking.


Betty infuses each woman’s story with facts, and humor, which adds a   fresh and creative perspective to your event's theme.


Betty broke through stagnating fear and shame caused by childhood sexual abuse to find her voice and use it to inspire others. She lives in the San Francisco, Bay Area and has one adult son.


• CEO of Jewell Enterprises & Media Group Inc., Faith Walkers, Women In History

• Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication

• Author - Big Shoes To Fill, How To Establish Your Own Brand When Following In The Footsteps Of An Icon

(Personal Branding)

• Producer - Award Winning Short Film, The Norwalk Witness

• Founder - Regency School of The Arts

• Coach/Speaker


Betty Jewell Slater's much anticipated new book "Big Shoes to Fill" is coming soon.